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Director Joe Johnston did a solid job directing the third Jurassic Park film for Steven Spielberg, and his name has been oft-suggested in connection with JP4, which is expected to begin shooting this year. In past interviews with the press, producers Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg have both suggested the director's seat would be his if he wanted it. Johnston's agents, however, deny any involvement with the upcoming action-adventure sequel. According to, he is definitely not directing, which leaves the field wide open for another to take the reigns. There's little to do other than speculate at the moment. Laura Dern, who is reprising her archaeologist character in the film, suggested unorthodox filmmaker David Lynch for the job a rather unlikely choice. Another possibility we've written about before would be Alex Proyas of Dark City I, Robot fame. If Jurassic Park IV stays on track, we can expect some kind of announcement in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Laura Dern played one of the original Jurassic Park's main characters, but missed out on the second adventure and had only a minor appearance in Jurassic Park III. She may, however, be one of the key stars returning for the fourth tale in the series. According to, Dern revealed she had spoken with producer Steven Spielberg over the phone and was being asked to join the cast for Jurassic Park IV. "I'm told it's happening and I'm told they're calling me," said the actress. "I'm told that Ellie Sattler [Dern's character in the series] is involved in it." The news is also welcome from another standpoint: It's further confirmation that production on the movie is finally set to begin. Dern said they wanted to shoot within the year, and to release JP4 in 2008. Whether that tight schedule can be maintained remains to be seen, but a release in early 2009 at the latest seems quite certain at this point. Dern did not, unfortunately, know if any of her other fellow Jurassic Park alumni were joining the production. Laura Dern recently appeared in the David Lynch film Inland Empire; she also has a lead role in the upcoming police drama Tenderness.

Sam Neill, who starred as a paleontologist in both the first and third Jurassic Park films, has long been rumored to be back for number four whenever that finally gets going. In fact, going as far back as 2003, Neill has been saying he was excited about the direction the movie was taking and expected to be a part of it. An early film draft also allegedly had a part written in for Dr. Alan Grant, the character that Neill would be reprising. Nevertheless, with production finally expected to get the go-ahead this year, Neill says he knows nothing about Jurassic Park IV and probably isn't going to be involved. "I know nothing about it," the actor told the L.A. Daily News. "I haven't heard from anyone. I think [my involvement] is just one of the Internet rumors." For many fans, it won't be the same without Neill if producers Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall do decide to make their fourth and last dinosaur adventure without him. What about Jeff Goldblum or any other key actors from the series? We'll be watching closely for news over the coming months, so stay tuned.

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