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The Cast and Characters of Jurassic Park The Extinction

The groundbreaking success of the Jurassic Park movies spawned off several other Hollywood movies with a similar theme. One aspect that puts the Jurassic Park movies a cut above the rest is the brilliant characterization. They are not merely movies filled with prehistoric creatures; they have memorable characters that make them true classics. With the imminent release of Jurassic Park: the Extinction in the summer of 2008, fans are hoping to see some of their favorite characters return.

Everything about Jurassic Park: the Extinction has been kept under the hat so far especially since the last Jurassic Park movie was leaked few days before the big release. Several rumors floated around the movie scene about the casting of Jurassic Park: the Extinction. About three years back, Keira Knightley was quoted as saying that she was approached to star in the latest Jurassic Park movie. However, with the movie having been so long in the pipeline itís highly unlikely we would see Keira in Jurassic Park: the Extinction.

One of the very few cast members who has been confirmed is Laura Dern whoíll return as Dr. Ellie Sattler. There was also a widespread speculation that Sam Neill would reprise his role as Dr. Alan Grant. Neill, however, recently confirmed that he has not been asked to return in Jurassic Park: the Extinction. Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough arenít likely to return as well. The majority of the cast still remains a speculation. Looking at the casting of the last three Jurassic movies, we could assume that new cast members, whoíre established Hollywood names, might form a part of Jurassic Park: the Extinction to support some of the original characters. William H. Macy played a key role in Jurassic Park III while stars like Vince Vaughn and Julianne Moore were part of the Lost World cast.

Letís hope we donít have to wait till the Jurassic Park: the Extinction trailer to know more about the cast.

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