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Jurassic Park The Extinction

Few Hollywood movies are powerful enough to leave us with a shudder urging us to ask the question “What if one day?” The Jurassic Park movie, a screen adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel by the same name, brought to life by Steven Spielberg in 1993 achieved that with stellar success. Two more phenomenally successful Jurassic Park movies followed within the next ten years, The Lost World and Jurassic Park III. And 14 years after the first Jurassic Park movie, 6 yrs after Jurassic Park III, the Jurassic Park fever is once again building up, as Jurassic Park: the Extinction is getting ready to unleash itself upon the world.

Everything about Jurassic Park: The Extinction has been extremely confidential so far. The latest Jurassic Park movie, scripted by William Monahan, with inputs from Michael Crichton himself, is likely to release sometime in 2008. Jurassic Park: The Extinction’s story begins with the reports of sightings of strange lizard-like creatures in Costa Rica. Soon, their lethal, carnivorous nature reveals itself and a group of scientists go to investigate the matter only to find out the dinosaurs are rapidly multiplying, carrying with them a deadly disease that would wipe out the entire mankind unless the beasts are stopped.

Steven Spielberg, who will be sharing the producer’s cap with Frank Marshall, is in a quandary as Jurassic Park III director, Joe Johnston has turned down the latest Jurassic Park movie. Fans are hoping to see Spielberg himself take up the role to breathe genius into Jurassic Park: The Extinction. Laura Dern will most likely reprise her role as Dr. Ellie Sattler with the rest of the cast still tentative. There were rumors years ago that Keira Knightley would join the cast but that seems unlikely now. Reports also suggested that Jeff Goldblum might return. Sam Neill stated recently that he has not been asked to return.

Hopefully, the makers will satisfy our curiosity soon with a juicy Jurassic Park: The Extinction trailer.

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